Mysterious invisible hard drive: Solved!

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at
Tue May 21 06:45:36 EST 2002


I finally got Linux to detect the hard drive.  I made the new HD,
secondary master rather than master on the 3rd IDE channel and suddenly
it was fine.  My Asus A7V133A motherboard seems to have something
against hard drives on IDE channels 3 & 4.  This may have something to
do with the fact that 3 & 4 are the Raid 0 IDE channels and are not in
the Bios but seem to be detected later in boot-up after some software is
loaded.  Of course I'm probably totally wrong, but at 6:40am in the
morning, I'm just glad Linux can finally see the stupid HD.   

Thanks everyone for all their help!

Now I only hope that having two hard-drives directly on top of each
other isn't a hazard...


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