Next CLUG meeting

Jeremy jepri at
Thu Mar 21 17:48:50 EST 2002

>> I'd be willing to talk about (and hopefully demo) zeroconf networking. Sort
>> like DHCP without the server. Maybe 15-20 minutes, since I haven't done any

>> slides or anything yet. Any questions can be handled during subsequent pizza.

>That sounds really nifty. I haven't been able to attend the CLUG meetings in

>ages, because I'm at work on Thursday nights - but if someone was taking notes,

>I'd gleefully be reading them.. :-)

We need a webcast!  We're supposed to be technophiles, why are we even meeting
IRL at all?

We should be able to do full streaming whatchamacallit with dual dolby thingamajings
so good it's just like being there.  Or failing that someone could bring along
their webcam and we could tape full ogg audio + 5 fps mpg.  Heck, even the audio
would be good.

You can tell I got into the coke over lynch.  :)

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