Next CLUG meeting

Matthew Hawkins matthew at
Thu Mar 21 17:36:10 EST 2002

On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Jeremy wrote:
> We need a webcast!  We're supposed to be technophiles, why are we even meeting
> IRL at all?


> We should be able to do full streaming whatchamacallit with dual dolby thingamajings
> so good it's just like being there.  Or failing that someone could bring along
> their webcam and we could tape full ogg audio + 5 fps mpg.  Heck, even the audio
> would be good.

And maybe we can host it all on my spare farm of Sun Fire 15K's, and
have monthly subscriptions with wireless access so members can check out
silly webcam pictures in full roaring penguin 4D megawhatsit video glory
of each other in-between meetings.

Think of it, never need to download patches to Samba as you can watch
Tridge discover and fix the bug!  A whole new universe of reality TV.

And speaking of staying off the caffeine...


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