gah, 'out of office' on a mailing list

Damien Elmes resolve at
Sat Mar 9 15:04:04 EST 2002

Is there anything we can do about this, other than send them mail about their
silly email setup? I'd be inclined to unsubscribe them from the list until they
fix it up. But that might be a bit rash.


From: MAMWALE at
Subject: Autoreply: Re: Debian package question
To: resolve at
X-Sent: 4 minutes, 31 seconds ago

Please note that I am out of Office from Thursday 7 Feb 2002 for 2 days. I will be back on Monday 11, Feb 2002. In the meantime, If your message can not wait, you can contact Mrs Shakubanza on 252544 who will try to help.

Best regards

Moses Mwale

Damien Elmes
resolve at

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