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FYI - You are all most welcome to come if the topic or the people
interest you...

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Subject: [SAGE-ACT] Notice of June Meeting - Building a secure host
Date: 19 Jun 2002 10:23:37 +1000
From: Roy Meuronen <Roy.Meuronen at anu.edu.au>
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Hi Folks, 

You are invited to attend the June meeting of the ACT chapter of 

Date: Tuesday 25 June 2002 
Time: 6:00pm till around 7:30pm 

Location: University House (Seminar Room),
          Cnr Balmain Cres & Liversidge Street Acton 

Map: http://studyat.anu.edu.au/map/displaymap.asp?grid=cd32

Title:    Building a secure host

Presenter: Brian Meilak

Brian did his 'sysadm' trade at the Faculty of Information Technology,
QUT Brisbane. He spent 5 years with the faculty, and for the last 5
years, he has been contracting and consulting in the areas of system
administration and Unix/network security.

This month Brian will speak about building a secure host (not just for a
firewall!) with some redundancy. He will be using Solaris as an example.
Looking at issues including:
- why you want a secure host, what benefits it gives you
- software on the system, choices you have to install
- what extra you may need/want to do
- hardware items to consider: mirroring of disks, a tape unit,
  console access
- how simple this is to achieve
- the results of entropy from the work environment on the secure host

All welcome. 


Roy Meuronen
Communication Services, Division of Information  Phone: +61 2 6125 4116 
Australian National University                   Fax:   +61 2 6125 8199 
Canberra, ACT, Australia 0200            Email: Roy.Meuronen at anu.edu.au

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