Unplug a mouse and lose it

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Thu Jun 13 23:33:10 EST 2002

Damien Elmes wrote:

> I seem to recall someone mentioned in the past that they use VNC to make their
> desktop "mobile". Was this you, Bob? The issue I've found is that I don't want
> to have to run a separate VNC X server and then view the apps always through a
> VNC connection, even if they're running on the local machine.
> .. So basically, I'm wondering if there's something analogous to the win32 VNC
> server for linux?

Could've been me. Not quite what I do. What I actually do is run my
apps that I want to persist on a "headless" server (no display). I then
bring this virtual desktop (Xvnc) display up on either my laptop at work
or my other laptop at home. I can also bring it up on any other desktop
machine in any office I happen to be in without disrupting what the user
of that machine is currently doing.

So, I also don't end up running two X servers on the same machine, as you
point out - although there is no real reason not to do that.

I will have to check out this x0rfbserver that Rasjid has found over the

I have also used VNC on an old Palm Pilot III to drive an X-based MP3 player
on a headless "music server". Because VNC is stateless, I can turn the Palm
Pilot on and off without upsetting the playing of the MP3s.


Bob Edwards.

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