Unplug a mouse and lose it

Simon Haddon simon at sibern.com.au
Thu Jun 13 23:20:21 EST 2002

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On 13/06/02, 19:59:20, Damien Elmes <clug at repose.cx> wrote regarding Re: 
Unplug a mouse and lose it:

> Bob Edwards <Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au> writes:

> > Actually, you _do_ want VNC. Simon explained one situation. You want a
> > different situation. Run the Windoze VNC server on your windows machine
> > and then take over control of it from your linux machine. We use that
> > here on all our (small number of) Win2k desktops in the admin. area. When
> > someone rings up with a problem (frequently), we simply bring up a VNC
> > session to their desktop and then either "show" them what to do 
> > by moving their mouse pointer or doing it for them.
> >
> > Believe me. Give VNC a try. It will do exactly what you have just
> > specified. (Doesn't do audio though, so you won't hear the annoying
> > Windoze alert noises).

> I seem to recall someone mentioned in the past that they use VNC to make 
> desktop "mobile". Was this you, Bob? The issue I've found is that I don't 
> to have to run a separate VNC X server and then view the apps always 
through a
> VNC connection, even if they're running on the local machine.

> .. So basically, I'm wondering if there's something analogous to the 
win32 VNC
> server for linux?

For the life of me I can't remember the details but I do remember reading 
something that allowed you to capture the x windows output of a linux 
machine similar to the way it works with windows.  It used some frame 
buffer technique???.  The main problem there is that it would assume that 
you can actually run X windows to the terminal which would not be 
possible if you didn't have a mouse and keyboard.... but I could be 

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> Damien Elmes

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