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Wed Jun 12 19:28:04 EST 2002


Without getting to commercial

Johanson Brothers is a small family business - primarily Greg and Paul
We have currently have 5 casual contractors that we use as needed.
Paul and I know Windoze and Linux
Paul uses Unix, Solaris, Linux, Free BSD and pretty much anything else that
is not MS
The other guys are pretty much just windoze

The advantage of this is that we all have skills in various areas and we can
pool these skills as required.
We have fun and don't wear suits, we only know a few big words and we can
fix/design just about anything(if we can't, we'll tell you).

We currently have 2 inhouse Linux webservers that we are using for
development/testing/hosting and 6 windoze webservers in rackspace.

Feel free to contact me if you require further info.

Greg Johanson
Johanson Brothers Enterprises

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