Unplug a mouse and lose it

Michael James michael at james.st
Thu Jun 13 00:53:26 EST 2002

>Simon Haddon <simon at sibern.com.au> explained:
>KVM simply stands for Keyboard/Video/Mouse.  It
>is a box that lets you switch your keyboard, monitor and your mouse
>between different computers.  If you get a powered KVM then it even keeps
>the signal live to the computer that you're not currently switched to. 
>You plug your stuff into the KVM box and then you run cables between the
>box and the different computers.  Easy.
>As for VNC (Virtual Network Computing) it is a software package that
>allows you to view/take control of another computers output.  On Linux
>you can setup a VNC server which is it's own X session.  On windows you
>can grab the actual screen.  You can find out more about VNC from

Thanks for that, yes a KVM switch would be useful
 but whether it is worth the cost???

VNC is more interesting but does the opposite of what I want.

I want a remote PC displaying in an X window on my Linux desktop.
Not to put a windows machine between me and reliable computing.

Since using VMware, running a bare windows system
 feels like tightrope walking without a safety net.

I want to X a windows machine in hardware
 with the card discussed earlier on this list.

Imagine a Video card pumping the display out as X windows over ethernet
 that had link cables to control the keyboard, mouse and reset directly.

With a modest connection, it could control servers over the internet,
 with a fast intranet, could provide access to second PC in the computer room.

Back to setting up VMware, I need to run Matlab

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