Damien Elmes clug at
Fri Jun 7 15:03:37 EST 2002

Antti.Roppola at writes:

> Michael wrote:
>> I have signed up for them, but am told that it will be another 2 weeks
>> before I'm done (citing Telstra delays).  All up that pushes the
>> connection time out to ~1 month.
> The Netspace person I have been dealing with has been *really* helpful.
> $TELCO has taken three days to "remove speed codes" from my line. This
> should have happened the same day that $TELCO killed my account. (My
> new account was set up beforehand)
> They also mentioned that I may need to change VPI/VCI settings on my $TELCO
> ADSL modem before it will work (we'll see...). 
> Alex Satrapa wrote:
>> However, with two people in this house doing updates of Debian, FreeBSD, 
>> Mac OS X and Windows, combined with a gaming habit, it's hard to keep 
>> traffic below 1Gb/month.  This works out at about $117/month for our 
>> usual traffic of around 1.7Gb - $0.159/Mb for traffic up to 300Mb, then 
>> $0.05/Mb for the rest (that's about $144/month including the access fee).
> I was astounded to discover my aunt only uses 20 Mb of traffic
> each month (!). At home, the house goes through Gb of traffic each
> month thanks to Anime fanatics, apt-get and such. I am currently
> moving from $TELCO to Netspace because they are offering 7Gb more
> data than $TELCO for the same price.

Let us know how you go with Netspace, Antti - they're the company I'm thinking
of moving to when my Telstra contract expires. Anyone else used them for ADSL
so far?

Damien Elmes

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