Antti.Roppola at Antti.Roppola at
Fri Jun 7 14:02:20 EST 2002

Michael wrote:
> I have signed up for them, but am told that it will be another 2 weeks
> before I'm done (citing Telstra delays).  All up that pushes the
> connection time out to ~1 month.

The Netspace person I have been dealing with has been *really* helpful.
$TELCO has taken three days to "remove speed codes" from my line. This
should have happened the same day that $TELCO killed my account. (My
new account was set up beforehand)

They also mentioned that I may need to change VPI/VCI settings on my $TELCO
ADSL modem before it will work (we'll see...). 

Alex Satrapa wrote:

> However, with two people in this house doing updates of Debian, FreeBSD, 
> Mac OS X and Windows, combined with a gaming habit, it's hard to keep 
> traffic below 1Gb/month.  This works out at about $117/month for our 
> usual traffic of around 1.7Gb - $0.159/Mb for traffic up to 300Mb, then 
> $0.05/Mb for the rest (that's about $144/month including the access fee).

I was astounded to discover my aunt only uses 20 Mb of traffic
each month (!). At home, the house goes through Gb of traffic each
month thanks to Anime fanatics, apt-get and such. I am currently
moving from $TELCO to Netspace because they are offering 7Gb more
data than $TELCO for the same price.

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