Questions, 32 Meg free ram

Michael James michael at
Fri Jun 7 00:23:15 EST 2002

>You'll also find that Smoothwall tell people to "go buy some decent kit"
> if they have less than 32MB of RAM;

If you have less than 32 Meg ram,
 I have quite a few 8 Meg 72 pin sticks lying around.

Don't know how it goes in PCs but it works in Macs and printers.

Free to anyone who has slots begging,
 contact me off list.

On the subject of clearing things out

	2	3Com 10BaseT ISA cards,

	1	3Com PCI 10/100 card
		(that would never link at more than 10 Meg for me)

	1	simple SBus graphics card
		(for a Sun Sparc 1+, 2, 3, 4, or 5)
		(with triple-coax-in-a-d25 type video connector)

If anyone's interested,
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