andrew at andrew at
Wed Jun 5 19:02:25 EST 2002

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Jeremy Heromy wrote:

> 1) I could download mandrake from their site, although I do not have a
> burner, so I can't put it on a CD. Is there a place in Canberra I can get
> it?

If you provide me with the images, I would be happy to burn them for you -
but I don't have the ability to (cheaply) download them for myself.  There
may be someone else who has the images already (or can get them easily) -
or you could try - among other things,
they sell CDRs of various distributions for low prices.  I've dealt with
them before, but have no other connection to them.

> 2) I know I should probably ask transact this, but I'm writing this anyway,
> so I may as well ask you. I recently got transact [...]

Transact uses PPPoE.  Mandrake will almost certainly have the required
packages to support this.  I have transact myself, and my small
redhat-based firewall has no problem talking to it.


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