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Wed Jun 5 19:47:17 EST 2002

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> If you have a spare 486 lying around, put Smoothwall
> (, IP Cop
> ( or Gibraltar
> ( etc etc on it.  I currently use
> Gibraltar, but have
> previously used Smoothwall.  Smoothwall is certainly better for
> newbies.  IP
> Cop is a fork of Smoothwall and I believe is essentially the
> same.  IP Cop
> will remain GPL'd unlike Smootwall which is making itself closed source.

You'll also find that Smoothwall is heading further and further away from
"any old 486 you have lying around"; and the makers will very often tell
people to "go buy some decent kit" if they have less than 32MB of RAM; and
they can be considerably less than helpful in general. That said I run mine
on a P100 I found in a pile of rubbish on the curb...

The Smoothwall's easy going, the makers are cantankerous fsckers. Actually
I've been described as both often enough ;)


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