TransACT for a newbie (sorry!)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Jul 10 10:10:02 EST 2002

Andreas Bauer wrote:
> Dear CLUGers,
> I know, it's probably been discussed to death by you Canberrans, but I'm
> new to this TransACT business (as I'm from Germany and am only here for 6
> months) and I need some help getting started with it all, please.
> To rule out configuraton mistakes, can someone send me his/her
> etc/network/interfaces file, please?  I do have two network cards and ppp
> compiled into my kernel 2.4, but pppoe still doesn't get an address asigned
> to either interface.  It creates ppp0 when it starts, but the address is a
> dummy.  eth0 and eth1 remain untouched.

eth0 and eth1 should be untouched, and you don't use ethernet frames. 
That ppp0 interface *is* the interface.  What do you mean by 'its a

> pap-secrets, dsl-provider and ppp_on_boot scripts should be all correct.
> I'm starting to think that my networking cable, installed by TransACT, is
> busted... :(

If you get ppp0 up, then its not busted.  Look into the debugging
options, and see what gets spewed into the logs.

> Anyway, ideas or suggestions (also off the list) are much appreciated.
> Thank you in advance!
> Andi.

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