TransACT for a newbie (sorry!)

Andreas Bauer Andreas.Bauer at
Wed Jul 10 10:18:22 EST 2002

> eth0 and eth1 should be untouched, and you don't use ethernet frames.
> That ppp0 interface *is* the interface.  What do you mean by 'its a
> dummy'?

By "dummy" I mean it doesn't get a useful IP assigned to.  ppp0 IP is  That surely isn't right.

> If you get ppp0 up, then its not busted.  Look into the debugging
> options, and see what gets spewed into the logs.

I can't access my logs until I get back from work, but when I started pppd 
manually it didn't come up with any errors.  On the other hand it wouldn't 
give me a useful IP address either.

Again sorry, for causing pain on this list.  ;-P


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