TransACT for a newbie (sorry!)

Andreas Bauer Andreas.Bauer at
Wed Jul 10 10:04:41 EST 2002

Dear CLUGers,

I know, it's probably been discussed to death by you Canberrans, but I'm 
new to this TransACT business (as I'm from Germany and am only here for 6 
months) and I need some help getting started with it all, please.

To rule out configuraton mistakes, can someone send me his/her 
etc/network/interfaces file, please?  I do have two network cards and ppp 
compiled into my kernel 2.4, but pppoe still doesn't get an address asigned 
to either interface.  It creates ppp0 when it starts, but the address is a 
dummy.  eth0 and eth1 remain untouched.

pap-secrets, dsl-provider and ppp_on_boot scripts should be all correct.  
I'm starting to think that my networking cable, installed by TransACT, is 
busted... :(

Anyway, ideas or suggestions (also off the list) are much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

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