Linux on Mainframes [or It's Everywhere]

Rick Whittle rick_Whittle at
Tue Jan 22 22:19:04 EST 2002

Richard Cottrill wrote:

> Hiya,
> I recall from a discussion on this topic that these are not suitable for
> processor intensive tasks. You may need 2000 virtual servers to push a 12
> way z390 system, however if you are already using 2000 real PCs in (say) a
> compile/render farm then you'd be better served sticking with PC based
> servers.
> In any case, I'm sorry to say that all of the comments I've heard about IBM
> GSA have been significantly less than flattering (including specific
> references to mainframe management). Please realise that this is not a
> comment on your abilities, or even on the abilities of GSA personnel in
> general; it's just that the overall affect doesn't seem to be good for
> computer systems.
> Richard

Hiya Richard,

long time no banter (been keeping quiet my end)

it wasn't 2 000, it was 20 000
it's IO intensive where VM wins out, and only when you can counter the terminal
IO wait PC archetecture suffers from.
for a processor intesive task you'd go the bare metal.

what's the smiley for biting one's tongue?  I can understand where the
commenters are coming from.

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