Linux on Mainframes [or It's Everywhere]

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I recall from a discussion on this topic that these are not suitable for
processor intensive tasks. You may need 2000 virtual servers to push a 12
way z390 system, however if you are already using 2000 real PCs in (say) a
compile/render farm then you'd be better served sticking with PC based

In any case, I'm sorry to say that all of the comments I've heard about IBM
GSA have been significantly less than flattering (including specific
references to mainframe management). Please realise that this is not a
comment on your abilities, or even on the abilities of GSA personnel in
general; it's just that the overall affect doesn't seem to be good for
computer systems.


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> Geez, what mushroom you been hidin under?
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> but seriously, I get flooded by the stuff.  (SELL SELLLL SELLLLLL!!!!! )
> and it wasn't a small group of programmers, it was two small groups, one
> doing a bare metal port, the other a VM shell that gives a lot of virtual
> servers (like 20000 is about how many a 12way ZOS box can handle
> before the
> I/O catches up with the processors (and that's only the 32 bit ones -
> remember these be mainframe processors, IO wait is money down the
> drain for
> us)
> selling point for users is that you don't have to have a server
> room, just a
> fast SSL link: you pays your money, we (as in Global Services, not me
> personally, though I hope to change that) set up your virtual server under
> VM.  so take that mainframe cost and divide by 20000 . . . .
> PC based servers are the dinosaurs . . . . . . .
> you get a piece of 24*7 operators, sysprogs, DBA specialists, network,
> hardware, Auto Tape Libraries, etc. as needs arise.
> as your site / app / apps / whatever grows, because you're just
> hiring a bit
> of it, expansion is just a matter of renegotiating your contract -
> theoretically can be done in minutes.
> If anybody's interested there's a 'free' sandbox in Tuscon, but I
> haven't got
> the URL on me at home.
> there's a link to the partnership program at:
> Flame away, dudes, I haven't updated my suit since I got married
> . . . . in
> 1982.
> Rick.
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