Linux on Mainframes [or It's Everywhere]

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Geez, what mushroom you been hidin under?

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but seriously, I get flooded by the stuff.  (SELL SELLLL SELLLLLL!!!!! )

and it wasn't a small group of programmers, it was two small groups, one
doing a bare metal port, the other a VM shell that gives a lot of virtual
servers (like 20000 is about how many a 12way ZOS box can handle before the
I/O catches up with the processors (and that's only the 32 bit ones -
remember these be mainframe processors, IO wait is money down the drain for

selling point for users is that you don't have to have a server room, just a
fast SSL link: you pays your money, we (as in Global Services, not me
personally, though I hope to change that) set up your virtual server under
VM.  so take that mainframe cost and divide by 20000 . . . .

PC based servers are the dinosaurs . . . . . . .

you get a piece of 24*7 operators, sysprogs, DBA specialists, network,
hardware, Auto Tape Libraries, etc. as needs arise.

as your site / app / apps / whatever grows, because you're just hiring a bit
of it, expansion is just a matter of renegotiating your contract -
theoretically can be done in minutes.

If anybody's interested there's a 'free' sandbox in Tuscon, but I haven't got
the URL on me at home.

there's a link to the partnership program at:

Flame away, dudes, I haven't updated my suit since I got married . . . . in

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