SCSI drives recommendations

Daniel McNamara daniel at
Sun Jan 20 22:29:08 EST 2002

Hey again guys,

Many thanks to the (incredibly) quick replies to clarify about the multiple
processor question. Now for something completely different.

Having spent the last 4 hours swearing vehemently because I couldn't get the
any Linux distro to run from the SCSI CDROM on this system because they
would all hang on loading the Adaptec module, I finally realised something.
The driver was fine. Perfect. Just the CDROM was fnargled. Proved this point
by digging through my boxes of old computer bits to find an old caddy based
SCSI CDROM. Plug it in and it worked first time. Sigh. Why didn't I think of
that earlier?

Anyway to cut a long story short I got the machine as is from the computer
fair with one 4.3 gig SCSI hard drive and one (now confirmed useless) 24x
CDROM. Now whilst the caddy loading drive does work it's not exactly my
ideal choice so my question is this: What are you recommendations for SCSI
drives (both hard drives and CDROM's). In relation I'm looking at fitting
the machine with a CD burner but at this point in time I don't have a lot of
cash so I don't mind buying second hand as long as it works. The machine
also has 8 hot swap 68pin SCSI bays, one of which is being used by the 4.3
gig drive. I'm looking to populate all the bays with anything I can get my
hands on. Any size will suit me fine if anyone has some for sale or knows
where I can get some for a good price.

Oh just while getting recommendations, anyone have a really good case
cooling system? With both CPU's at full blast and the drives bays fully
populated I imagine it's going to get quite warm in the case. Not to mention
the dual 420 watt power supplies.



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