samba and win2k

Brian Cheeseman bcheesem at
Sun Jan 20 19:48:39 EST 2002

On Sunday 20 January 2002 19:39, you wrote:
> Dear Samba users,
> I am trying to configure samba in my Red Hat 7.1 box to communicate with my
> windows 2000 machine but so far not totally successfully. After configuring
> smb.conf I can see my linux box in my win 2k "my network" but I can not
> browse its contents. The following message appears every time I try to open
> it:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> "win2k machine" is not accessible.
> The network path was not found"
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>- I was wondering if somebody could suggest what might be wrong and/or a
> good reference for seting up samba from red hat 7.1 with a win 2k machine.
> Many thanks!
> Sincerely,
> Miguel


I don't know if its related as I have never attempted to connect a linux box 
to a micro$oft share, but when connecting from a micro$soft box to a linux 
box running samba, you need to enable encrypted passwords for samba.

This is purely because of the way MS-Windows works (or rather the NT streams, 
of which 2K is one.)


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