"No carrier" problem

Daniel McNamara daniel at cit-linux.net
Thu Jan 17 18:04:48 EST 2002

I came across a similar problem when setting up my Linux net gateway, I did some searching and come across this trick for wvdial.

In your wvdial.conf file add the following line:

Stupid Mode = 1

Can't quite remember what it does but it is referenced in the wvdial man page. Ever since adding that line I can connect to my ISP no problems. My connection has currently been running for the last 10,000 minutes straight without a hiccup.

Hope this helps you out.


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  Hi all,

  I'd really like to get my Linux box (Red Hat 7.1) connected to my ISP (TPG) but I keep hitting the brick wall of "no carrier".

  My modem seems to dial up OK, starts the initialisation process, thinks for a while, then drops out with the "no carrier" message and begins to redial. The result is identical whether using WvDial or in a minicom session.

  Any suggestions as to a solution would be greatly appreciated.

  Thanks for your help,

  Phil Carter
  phil.carter at tpg.com.au

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