Failures of IBM Deskstar 75GXP series hard disks

David Price davidmprice at
Thu Jan 17 12:09:05 EST 2002

Hi.  I just thought I should warn people about an unusually high
failure rate of IBM's Deskstar 75GXP series hard disks.  IBM denies
there is a problem, so they haven't been recalled, but many users have
lost their entire hard disk contents as a result of these failures
(myself included - although I did have a fairly recent backup).  Some
user comments and links to a class action against IBM can be found

The models in the 75GXP series are:

DTLA-307015 (15 GB)
DTLA-307020 (20 GB)
DTLA-307030 (30 GB)
DTLA-307045 (45 GB)
DTLA-307060 (60 GB)
DTLA-307075 (75 GB)

To identify your model, run:

hdparm -i /dev/hda
(or whatever your hard disk is)

Check the Model= part, which may read something like:


You could also look at the disk itself, or the receipt (you kept the
receipt I hope) if that is easier.

If you have one of these hard disks, I'd recommend making regular
backups, and transfer to a different disk if possible.  I doubt you'll
be able to return them until they fail, since IBM hasn't issued a
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