Bastille firewall and samba

Anthony David adavid at
Sat Feb 23 23:11:39 EST 2002

Pearl Louis <pearl.louis at> writes:

> Hi!
> I've also tried adding the following lines to Bastille:
> TCP_PUBLIC_SERVICES="22 137 138 139"
> UDP_PUBLIC_SERVICES="137 138 139"
> I didn't think I needed to add 137,138,139 to ALL of them but I thought
> that I might as well try it and whittle out what I don't need later.
> However, even with that it still doesn't seem to work.  I've had a look
> through the Bastille configuration file and I am not blocking 137-139
> specifically so that can't be the problem.  I am stopping smb broadcasts
> but I thought that only mattered if one was sharing folders rather than
> trying to connect *to* shares. 
> A Google search also doesn't seem to bring up much help either so I
> really must be doing something stupidly wrong.  Well, this is my first
> time using samba so I wouldn't be surprised if was doing something
> really stupid ^_^.

Is there a logging facility? Your best bet is to setup logging to see
what packets(if any) are being dropped. Your next bet is tcpdump, 
to see what packets are heading out on the wire and what is responding.

Anthony David

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