Way off Topic - Canberra Dial Up ISP

Donovan J. Edye d.edye at bigfoot.com
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* Unsure what you mean by this.... it _is_ called the "internet" :-)

What I mean by this is what is their connectivity like to the rest of the
world ie outside Australia. Is it a 10MB link is it a 1GIG link or what? For
instance TPG (for cost reasons) routes ALL their traffic out via the States
and then back to Australia even if it is to a site based in .au. Now I
realise this is for cost reasons, but that is a big down factor when it
takes +/- 10 hops to get anywhere even if the site is next door. To me it is
pointless having great local peering if all international traffic goes out
via a 100MB link which is very slow because it is shared by all their users.
NOTE: I am not saying this is TPG connectivity, it is just an example I made
up for any ISP.

-- D

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On Sat, 9 Feb 2002, Donovan J. Edye wrote:

> if anyone had any experiences with local Canberra ISP's that could aid me
> my decision. Essentially I am looking for a 56K, limited time, unlimited
> download plan. However I am most interested with how well the ISP performs

I've never used such a plan from them, but WebOne are a damn fine

> in other areas such as:
> -          Local Peering

They allow peering between TransACT customers. Don't know about modem

> -          International Access

Unsure what you mean by this.... it _is_ called the "internet" :-)

> -          Modem Quality / Utilisation

I used to run a modem 24/7 off them - was disconnected a few times a week
at the worst.

> Anyone got any suggestions?

Stay _well_ away from netspeed. Run like hell if they approach you.

> -- Donovan

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