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So Perth has already (for 4 months or so) gotten their arse in gear and has
worked towards organising the LCA next year (2003), they have been talking
with their government, working on advertising it, getting the domain
transferred to them once this conference is over etc.

Perth is a long way away, however there is the possibility they may be able
to organise some sort of airfare discounts.

However the conference next year will be in Perth.

Now I wonder, do we in Canberra wish to attempt to hold a linux conference,
likely the 2004 conference. I have some fairly long lead out time for
discussions, however I would suggest we aim to do a similar thing to what
Perth has done this year, get organising and working towards it around
September this year.

What do people think? Discuss it now (next clug meetingg or something) or just
forget about it until September or so or not at all.

Drake Diedrich has said he is likely to be able to work on this (from inside
the ANU) to some extent, and it is likely the people at DCS could also put in
some effort.

Discussion, Opinions, Flame Wars... ?

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