OT: Options for ISA Single Board Computers?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Sat Feb 9 12:49:52 EST 2002

I have two Industrial PCs with passive ISA backplanes.  They have 
half-length i386sx/25 CPU cards on them.  However, the CMOS batteries 
are dead, the boards only support 32pin SIMMs, and the HD controller 
appears to have problems detecting ATA drives more recent than 1985.

I can probably solve the drive problem by booting off the drives that 
the machines were supplied with, and having a larger ATA drive available 
for Linux to mess with once it's booted.

The memory problem will be hard to fix, since I have no 32 pin SIMMs 
lying around.  If anyone's got spares (eg: 2 or 4Mb SIMMs), I'd be 
willing to swap chips for cash :)

Of course, if someone has an unwanted ISA CPU card or two lying around 
that can take 72 pin SIMMs, I'd be happy to relieve you of *those* in 
exchange for some of my unwanted cash.  Note that Advantech in Sydney 
are selling a 486DX4/100 board with VGA, 100Mbps ethernet, HD Controller 
and IrDA for about $700.  All I'm looking for is the HD Controller and 
processor on-board.  If I had $700 to spend, I'd be taking my money out 
to the computer fair and picking up a couple of old PCs (while 
simultaneously junking these industrial PCs).

Such a pity though - these boxes are relatively quiet, and they're 
compact too.  But I need something that actually *works* - good looks 
comes second when you're talking about long term potential.


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