Redhat 8.0 install problems

Sam Couter sam at
Sun Dec 1 09:17:01 EST 2002

Michael Still <mikal at> wrote:
> [ ... ] I just picked up a new machine [ ... ]
 [ ... ]
>  - it fails to read the zlib package and I get a unhandled python
> exception
 [ ... ]
>  - do everything the same
>  - it fails to read some other package, and I get the exception and reboot

I'd say your new machine didn't survive the burn-in period.

Errors from different packages means the CD is most likely not the cause
of the problem. If it were, the errors would probably be in the same
place each time.

Run a memory tester for a while to see if that picks anything up. You
could run as many bad block checking programs as you can find on the
hard drive to see if it comes through okay. I don't know of any decent
ways to test the CPU or motherboard other than compiling a kernel,
XFree86, GCC, glibc or some other monstrous package over and over. :)
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