Damien Elmes resolve at
Thu Apr 11 14:37:32 EST 2002

"Chris L. Bird" <bird at> writes:

> Jarrad,
> The only part that could be a problem is in /etc/sshd_config - the
> rhostRSAAuthenication line try setting it to yes and see if it reads
> from it.
> You will also need to setup a authorized_hosts file for no password
> logons.
> I hope it helps, am not an SSH expert so can someone else confirm if
> this is what he is after?

Yes, that's basically right. know_hosts is merely for identifying the crytographic
signatures of servers. authorized_keys(2) is the place you put public RSA/DSA keys
in. and you'd almost certainly want that in your home directory, not as a
site-wide configuration (permissions on the directories play a part as well).

The original poster needs to return to the man page and read a little more
carefully. :-)

Damien Elmes

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