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jeremy at jeremy at
Thu Sep 13 07:52:48 EST 2001

> I can't believe someone on this list would expect everyone to use
> the "standard" LAN mail client when using an INTERNET mailing list
> on LINUX.

Oh I message him off list too, but apparently his index finger is broken
and he is in too much pain to move the mouse to the menu and configure
his email client properly.  It's a suprisingly common affliction.

> Is the world to write web pages for the "standard" browser spat out by
> the "standard" web server, running on the "standard" operating system
> running on the "standard" hardware platform.

At this point in time, I'd say yes.  BTW have you all heard of the
SSSCA.  It would make for some interesting standards in America. 
Slightly overshadow by some recent events, but the analysis is here:

I/O, I/O,
It's off to disk I go,
A bit or byte to read or write,
I/O, I/O, I/O...

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