Mail client follow-up

Ian McCulloch ipm105 at
Thu Sep 13 10:22:14 EST 2001

On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 jeremy at wrote:

> At this point in time, I'd say yes.  BTW have you all heard of the
> SSSCA.  It would make for some interesting standards in America. 
> Slightly overshadow by some recent events, but the analysis is here: 

It will be a very interesting time if this legislation passes.  This is
the most facist piece of legislation I have ever seen.  eg, I cant see any
way something like a compiler could ever comply with this, unless it was
stripped to the point of being almost useless.  It isn't directly
stated, but would an implication of this be hardware manufacturers be
forced to implement measures to prevent ANY unauthorized code at all?  
eg with asymmetric crypto built into the executable format or something.

Fortunately most of it is obviously unenforcable (and of course only in
America!) but it would appear to make pretty much all general purpose
computers and software illegal.


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