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> Thank you all who responded so promptly.  Some of you are going to be
> very tired at work today, I am sure :)
> I thought people might be interested in a quick summary of the mail
> clients that can cope with MIME attachments enough to display the
> message body correctly:
> RMAIL, Eudora, IMP, Sylpheed (I'm going to have to try this one just for
> the name - v. cool), Netscape, Outlook 2000 SR-1, gnus, pine,
> Staroffice, and Tkrat (implies postillion)
> I need this because someone on the list (as well as a few others) have
> been berating me for using a 'non-standard' mail client.  We're
> currently going eleven-to-one on his 'standard' mail client, which is
> coincidentally shipped with most versions of windows.  I guess that is
>  a standard, in a 'lowest common denominator' kind of way.

I can't believe someone on this list would expect everyone to use
the "standard" LAN mail client when using an INTERNET mailing list

Is the world to write web pages for the "standard" browser spat out by
the "standard" web server, running on the "standard" operating system
running on the "standard" hardware platform.

I don't mind ignorance, what annoys me is willful ignorance laced
with arrogance.

(I don't sound arrogant do I :-)

Anthony David

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