Wanted: old half dead laptop

Damien Elmes rapport at repose.cx
Mon Jul 30 16:04:52 EST 2001

hi everyone,

i'd like to build an mp3 player for my car, but because it's a small
car, putting a full-sized box in the 'boot' (it's a hatch) isn't an

as i'm student and money is tight, i'm on the lookout for a laptop of
some description, above, say a Pentium 100, with a soundcard. it
doesn't matter if the keyboard's cumbersome or the screen is broken
(provided i can feed the signal to an external monitor). 

if anyone has something handy that they think they'd be willing to
sell at a reasonable price, i'd be very interested.

thanks for your time,

Damien Elmes
rapport at repose.cx

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