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Damien Elmes rapport at
Tue Jul 31 02:10:20 EST 2001

"Peter Petroff" <the_mad_rabbit at> writes:

> Hello everyone. I have this maybe rediculous question but since I
> have no clue about system programming I can only ask. I have this CPU
> K6 III+ that AMD released for mobile systems although they work on
> desktops too. This is the last CPU AMD released before the Athlon
> family and in several reviews I've seen that K6 III has almost the
> same instruction set as the Athlon. The question comes: Is it a good
> idea to specify Athlon in the 2.4 kernel CPU selection menu although
> this is sa K-6 family? Or I should go with K6 just to avoid any
> problems?

It's a K6 - choose the K6 option :-)


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