Telstra ADSL questions (pppoe technical)

John Griffiths john at
Thu Dec 13 10:07:55 EST 2001

>> other bottlenecks across the net will get in the way.
>> only with input and output from multiple sources would you be able to
use more
>> on he current internet.
>Depends upon which part of the "current internet" you are referring to
>(remember, it is a "net", not a "pipe"). I regularly see 400+kBytes/sec
>(over 3.2Mbit/sec) on downloads from various U.S. sites here at work.
>Part of that restriction is our 10Mbps link to the campus backbone.
>Bob Edwards.

well those of us who don't have access to University grade connections must
make do as we can ;-)

we're on a supposed 1Mb telstra business link and while we max the pipe 
(to the telstra router) when we've got a lot of traffic, any single connection
won't do more than 80kB/sec (absolute "White Whale" rare sighting)

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