Telstra ADSL questions (pppoe technical)

Matthew Hawkins matthew at
Fri Dec 14 09:43:23 EST 2001

On Thu, 13 Dec 2001, John Griffiths wrote:
> we're on a supposed 1Mb telstra business link and while we max the pipe 
> (to the telstra router) when we've got a lot of traffic, any single connection
> won't do more than 80kB/sec (absolute "White Whale" rare sighting)

Make sure telstra have plugged you in to the correct router at their
end.  They have apparently been accidentally putting customers into the
wrong routers, handicapping the bandwidth while still charging them for
the plan they purchased (may or may not work out around the same cost
anyway).  If they do identify you as one of these people, well at least
for us it was a same-day fix.  Mind you, they don't notify you of
exactly when that day it'll be fixed, and you end up with no internet
connection right when you need it ;)


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