Buying a hard drives

Rasjid rasjidw at
Tue Aug 21 20:12:43 EST 2001

I have two questions relating to buying hard drives:

1.  Baring any unforseen problems, work IS going to install e-smith
instead of Windows NT  (Yay!) on the HP LH3000 that work now has. 
However, the LH3000 currently is without harddrives.  We are going the
SCSI option (re my post 5.08.2001 SCSI vs ATA100) and so need some SCSI
drives.  The HP ones are VERY expensive, but we are having trouble
getting any third party provided to say, "yes, HP won't like it, but our
drives will work on the LH3000".  Anyone with any suggestions /
experience with non-hp drives in HP servers?  Suggestions for other
places to post this question would also be well received.  :-)

2.  I'm wanting to get an additional hard drive (ATA 100, 7200rpm) for
my home computer, and I would like to get it by the weekend, and ideally
tomorrow.  I'm thinking a 40Gig drive should last me for a while
(currently have 15G).

I can't decide whether to get it from Cougar (which is where the rest of
my system comes from) or just go to a computer fair (which is hopefully
happening this weekend somewhere).  The price from Cougar is $296 for a
Maxtor-Quantum 40GB drive, or $298 for a Seagate, plus $5 delivery.  I
could get it slightly cheaper from, but I'd rather buy

My questions are:
How much would be saved by going to a fair on the weekend?
Has anyone had a bad experience buying something from a fair?
Is there some other store in Canberra giving a much better deal than

I would probably want to be saving over $50 to justify the
percieved/real risk of buying from the fair.


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