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Damien Elmes resolve at
Tue Aug 21 20:27:17 EST 2001

Hello Rasjid,

I can't speak really answer your first question, although if you've
got a standard SCSI card in the box, then standard SCSI devices should
be fine :-)

Rasjid <rasjidw at> writes:
> 2.  I'm wanting to get an additional hard drive (ATA 100, 7200rpm) for
> my home computer, and I would like to get it by the weekend, and ideally
> tomorrow.  I'm thinking a 40Gig drive should last me for a while
> (currently have 15G).
> I can't decide whether to get it from Cougar (which is where the rest of
> my system comes from) or just go to a computer fair (which is hopefully
> happening this weekend somewhere).  The price from Cougar is $296 for a
> Maxtor-Quantum 40GB drive, or $298 for a Seagate, plus $5 delivery.  I
> could get it slightly cheaper from, but I'd rather buy
> locally.

I bought one last weekend from the fair. There is always the slight
risk that something will go wrong, but I've never had a bad
experience. Never ask them for advice though, it's always best to be
educated before you buy. And remember to collect a receipt (the
dealers that don't need to be asked for one are the best).

I picked up a Segate barracuda III for $250. The rest of the stalls
had it for $255. That represents a fairly significant saving over

By the way - are you aware that products order from Cougar can still
be picked up from their shopfront?

Hope this helps,

Damien Elmes
resolve at

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