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Tue Aug 14 14:31:50 EST 2001

> Hi all can anyone suggest some good scaning software as I have just 
brought a
> scaner and it comes with Win and Mac only ...

This is not a recommendation as I don't use it, but VueScan at 
<> is one possibility.  It apparantly does a 
better job at using a scanners capabilities than the software that 
comes with the scanner.  Its available for Win, Mac and Linux!

Of course, there is also SANE (Scanning Access Now Easy) at 
<> which is the 'default' scanner 
interface software for Linux (not that it is not scanning software, 
but an API - the web site has all the details). would be another source to look for scanner software.

And if you are new to scanning, then I suggest you also look at 
<> for some wonderful information on the how, 
when, wheres and whats of scanning.  (It also has some links to other 
software there as well and lots of other scanning sites).

Mark P.
sig - TBA

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