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Gene Loriot gene.loriot at usa.net
Sat Dec 6 04:31:41 GMT 2003

Passwords are always the most difficult.  First off, if your system
known to admin.groupg_dir.<your_domain>.com???  If root (which is in the form
of hostname.subdomainname.domainname.com is not seen if you do a 
niscat -o admin, then this is normal.  

Do a /usr/lib/nis/nisping and note the first machines host name. This is
the root master of your area, be sure that you are it AND that it is in 
the adnim.groups_dir....

Some time you can gorph a user.  Just force a new encrypted key, then 
do a nisclient -co of the user.

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>    1. root can't change user passwords (Maxwell Bottiger)
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> Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 11:48:42 -0500 (EST)
> From: Maxwell Bottiger <sleepylight at jive-turkey.net>
> Subject: root can't change user passwords
> To: linux-nisplus at lists.samba.org
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> Hi,
> 	I've run into a very strange problem.  My sun box is running NIS+ 
> and there is something very strange going on with the passwords.  I must 
> be mistaken, but I thought at root I could change the password of any user 
> on the system and without the system giving me any greif. However, I can't 
> change the password for my personal account.  
> > su -
> Password:
> root-micro1?passwd mpbottig
> New Password:
> Re-enter new Password:
> Permission denied
> root-micro1?
> Do what now?  Why is the system telling me that root can't change a 
> password?  Root is the admin for both the local password files and for the 
> secure RPC password tables right?  So what is up?
> I can't even get into dealing with the linux client problems unitl I'm 
> sure that the server side is right....
> -- 
> -Maxwell Bottiger
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