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Hope I understand you problem.  Here goes:  one of the MAJOR 
advantages of NIS+ is that any administrative principal can do anything
to the name space on any credentialed client or server.  So you can
generate to your hearts content anywhere.  The clear text problem can
be taken care of with SSH.  If you make a system an NIS+ client, then
stop and start (not restart) the sshd, you can login and keylogin to the
client with no trace of your activity.

There is also Solstice Adminsuite (2.3 is the last usable version, unless
someone knows how to ride roughshod on version 3.0).  But these products
are for Solaris, I don't know of any linux ports.

Hope this helps


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> Hello,
> For security reasons, I can't generate users's credentials on the root
> master server. In fact, I can't have clear passwords on the root master
> server, only on another machine. Then I have to send this credentials to
> root master server and add it to the cred.org_dir nisplus table.
> Does someone know the algorithme to generate credentials ?
> Regards,
> Laurent
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