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Mon Apr 7 20:11:47 EST 2003

Am Montag, 7. April 2003 04:29 schrieb GENE LORIOT:
> I have found that statement to be mostly true, there may be something
> that is extranious in the password table.  Use the nidaddent -d passwd
> command to see what goes on.  Maybe you need to use the termianl period
> when doing the niscat commands.  There is an environment variable
> that does some path competion and maybe messing you up:  NIS_PATH

Thx a lot for the suggestions, I got it work now, just don't ask me how and 
why, because I don't know it myself...... ;-) 

> Just a thought.  BUT...you are doing better than me.  I have tried and
> tried to compile NISPLUS under linux with no sucess.  ALways blows up
> with some compilier error I don't understand.  If you would like to
> send me the binaryies, I can try running it and see what gives.
> I am using Mandrake 9.0.  My (large) mailer is epl at farmsidesystems.com

mmmh.... Nisutils1.4.1 compiled just smoothly under Debian sid. I don't think 
my binaries will help you a lot, because of different version of glibc and 
other Libararies I compiled against. However I read some reports in Internet 
from guys, who succesfully compiled Nisutils under Mandrake... I'd like to 
see the errors you get, I'm quite sure that I can help in this case.
> gene
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Luotao Fu

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