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GENE LORIOT gene.loriot at usa.net
Mon Apr 7 12:29:36 EST 2003

I have found that statement to be mostly true, there may be something
that is extranious in the password table.  Use the nidaddent -d passwd
command to see what goes on.  Maybe you need to use the termianl period
when doing the niscat commands.  There is an environment variable
that does some path competion and maybe messing you up:  NIS_PATH

Just a thought.  BUT...you are doing better than me.  I have tried and 
tried to compile NISPLUS under linux with no sucess.  ALways blows up
with some compilier error I don't understand.  If you would like to 
send me the binaryies, I can try running it and see what gives.

I am using Mandrake 9.0.  My (large) mailer is epl at farmsidesystems.com


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>    1. cannot niscat passwd.org_dir
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> Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 15:59:55 +0200
> From: devrandom at freenet.de
> To: linux-nisplus at lists.samba.org
> Subject: cannot niscat passwd.org_dir
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> Hi list,
> Got a stupid situation here: We have a Nisplus Network here, served by a 
> Solaris 7 UltraSparc Machine. We got some new PCs lately, I putted Debian
> on the machines, compiled nisutils myself (found no deb package for unstable

> ;-( ) wrote the startscript and so on.... I put the nisdomainnname in 
> /etc/defaultdomain and created /var/nis/NIS_COLD_START with nisinit. After 
> all these I was able to start keysev and cachemgr without any problems. and
> was able run keylogin. Till here everything works great and without any 
> problems. But I was not able to log on the machine with any useraccount in 
> Nisplus network. 
> Linux:~# niscat passwd.org_dir.OUR.DOMAIN
> passwd.org_dir.OUR.DOMAIN: Malformed name, or illegal name
> Linux:~#
> However I can niscat everything else, group.org_dir, cred.org_dir, 
> hosts.org_dir on the client and so on and so on..... only passwd.org_dir 
> failed. On the Serverside I see something like this in /var/adm/messages
> Apr  4 15:48:47 SunSever nisd[177]: __directory_object: Failed to lookup 
> hosts.org_dir.OUR.DOMAIN.OUR.DOMAIN., status Not Found, no such name
> if I niscat hosts.org_dir
> Apr  4 15:50:40 SunSever nisd[177]: __directory_object: Failed to lookup 
> cred.org_dir.OUR.DOMAIN.OUR.DOMAIN., status Not Found, no such name
> if I niscat cred.org_dir
> and
> Apr  4 15:50:40 SunSever nisd[177]: __directory_object: Failed to lookup 
> passwd.org_dir.OUR.DOMAIN.OUR.DOMAIN., status Not Found, no such name
> if I niscat passwd on the client side.
> Well I'm really confused now, because the client did been able to niscat 
> hosts.org_dir, and cred.org_dir, only not the passwd.org_dir, the server 
> seemed to know nothing about any element from org_dir directory.......
> I'm not very familar to nisplus, I will be very thankful for it, if anyone
> help me in this case.
> Thanx
> Luotao Fu
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