Solaris 8 Nis+ server and RH Linux 7.3 Nis+ client ---- Problems and Questions

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> I have a Solaris 8 which has been serving thin clients which are
> running solaris 8 as well. In a process of making the environment
> heterogenous we are trying to set up Nis+ clients running on RH 7.3. A
> Linux box has been set up as a nis+ client and it does have a nis+
> service. What I mean to say is when I do a niscat on the
> passwd.org_dir I can see the contents. Also when I do a nisstat I see
> that it is binded to the master server and a nisping also replies with
> the master server's name.(There are no replica servers). The automount
> of home directories has not been set up. I did the following on the
> server side to add the credentials of the linux box.
> nisaddcred -p unix.systemname at your.Domain -P systemname.your.Domain.
> des
> nistbladm -a name=groupname host=systemname netgroup.org_dir
> A nisinit has been done on the client side using the nisinit -c -H
> hostname
> A keylogin -r also has been done and the secret key has been stored to
> /etc/.rootkey.
> The client doesnt allow users on the cluster to login.

What do you mean by this? Does it give an error message? Are you logging
in via X windows manager from the console?

I had problems getting NIS+ working. My scenario was this: Login was
through the kdm manager. It seemed to accept the user's name and
password, but then it would just restart X and display the login screen
again. Logging in as root revealed that automount worked, because the
user's home directory had been mounted. Logging in without X, there
quickly flashed a message saying something about the path not being

I needed to make sure that the shell path from the home directory had an
identical path on the local machien. It was looking for my shell in
/usr/local/bin/tcsh. But on my RedHat box tcsh was in /bin. So I created
a soft link to make that happen.

After thinking I had solved my problem, I tried logging in again only to
find the same problems in X and no error messages from the console.
After a long time of troubleshooting, I discovered that some of my login
scripts had paths that could not be resolved. After removing them from
my scripts, problems were solved.

Hope this helps.


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