Solaris 8 Nis+ server and RH Linux 7.3 Nis+ client ---- Problems and Questions

Ravi Kiran b_ravi_kiran at
Thu Oct 10 14:19:45 EST 2002

I have a Solaris 8 which has been serving thin clients which are
running solaris 8 as well. In a process of making the environment
heterogenous we are trying to set up Nis+ clients running on RH 7.3. A
Linux box has been set up as a nis+ client and it does have a nis+
service. What I mean to say is when I do a niscat on the
passwd.org_dir I can see the contents. Also when I do a nisstat I see
that it is binded to the master server and a nisping also replies with
the master server's name.(There are no replica servers). The automount
of home directories has not been set up. I did the following on the
server side to add the credentials of the linux box.

nisaddcred -p unix.systemname at your.Domain -P systemname.your.Domain.

nistbladm -a name=groupname host=systemname netgroup.org_dir

A nisinit has been done on the client side using the nisinit -c -H

A keylogin -r also has been done and the secret key has been stored to

The client doesnt allow users on the cluster to login.

sunlinux  xxx.yy.zzz

where xxx.yyy.zzz is my NIS+ domain.
My question is whether the above nistbladm command still needs to be
executed after doing nisaddcred.

Can any one please explain what the below line from my
netgroup.org_dir means?

sunlinux  xxx.yy.zzz

I looked at the man pages for netgroups and it talks about - as a
placeholder which I couldnt clearly comprehend.

The Nis+ client does not allow login as a Nis+ user.

Any suggestions?

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