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        Being a newbie to the field somehow with appreciable help from all of you guys I have set up NIS+ for my RedHat 7.3 linux clients( the server being sun solaris 8.0 machine). The users are able to login properly and get on to the NIS+ domain by mounting their home directories successfully using autofs. But unlike the solaris8.0 clients( they have been previously setup even before by linux clients, yeah we are migrating to linux) they are not getting on to the same prompt when you login via linux clients(it shows local shell, FYI  I created a soft link for the shell on my client so that it can execute on the shell path which my server sends). There are 2 problems Iam facing

1.Much more worrying part is that the linux clients are copying the home directories of users(of who ever have logged into the particular machine, though not all users in the NIS+ domain) on the local linux machine, which is not what I want. even though its maintaining the local copies the server is properly updated with the changes made to the files from user accounts(thats a bit of relief) How can I configure the clients not to copy home directories on local machines?

2. I want to load applications like matlab, java, autocad etc for the linux clients from my solaris 8.0 NIS+ server. I mean I dont want to load any applications locally on the linux client machines. so when a user logs in and types matlab it should open matlab by grabbing it from the server(I should directly run it on server not locally on client). Can anyone please tell me how to configure this.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Rvai Kiran Bhaskar

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