NIS+ and subdomains

Dawe, Richard Richard.Dawe at
Thu Mar 7 04:23:45 EST 2002


Peter Bunclark wrote:
> Do you mean, ``slow to get it working'' or, ``now it's working, it's
> slow''?

I mean the latter.

> 	I could never get subdomains to work on a Linux client; they
> couldn't find the root server.

How long ago was this?

What kind of error messages did you get, when the client
couldn't find the root server? Were they like this:

Mar  5 11:52:06 stimpy nis_cachemgr[20837]: Could not lookup Name not served by this server

This was with a nisplus-client 1.3 package from on Debian GNU/Linux 2.2.
The sources of this package look like a renamed version
of nis-utils 1.3.

FWIW we don't see these messages on a RedHat 7.2 box
running nis-utils 1.4.1.

But running programs like 'niscat' or 'nisls'
on the RedHat box to query, for example, cred.org_dir
leads to a pause of a few seconds, before the answer
appears. Debugging glibc, I see that the Linux box
talks to our subdomain server, but then gives up and
talks to the US root domain server, which is why it's
os slow. I wonder why it doesn't talk to our root domain
replica in the UK.

> But as well as that, why don't you have a root domain replica 
> in the UK?

Apparently we do.

Here's some background:

We recently switched to NIS+ from NIS and I've been
trying to get NIS+ working on some Linux boxen. I didn't
set up the NIS+ systems, so my understanding of it isn't
too good. I'm going to try to read up on it over the next
couple of days. Maybe that will help me describe & debug
the situation a bit better.

We're also going to patch the NIS+ servers in the UK
with Sun's latest patches next week, since they're
currently running vanilla Solaris 7.

Thanks, regards,

Richard Dawe, Software Engineer, Riverstone Networks, UK
richard.dawe at,

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