NIS+ and subdomains

Peter Bunclark psb at
Thu Mar 7 03:20:53 EST 2002

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Dawe, Richard wrote:

> Hello.
> We're trying to integrate some Linux boxen into
> a NIS+ subdomain here in the UK. The subdomain
> is served by servers here in the UK. The domain
> is in the US and is served by servers there.
> Before I try to post any detailed information,
> I'd like to ask: has anyone succeeded in doing this?
> We're finding it to be very slow.

Do you mean, ``slow to get it working'' or, ``now it's working, it's
	I could never get subdomains to work on a Linux client; they
couldn't find the root server.

But as well as that, why don't you have a root domain replica in the UK?


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