NIS+ and subdomains

Dawe, Richard Richard.Dawe at
Thu Mar 7 02:56:07 EST 2002


We're trying to integrate some Linux boxen into
a NIS+ subdomain here in the UK. The subdomain
is served by servers here in the UK. The domain
is in the US and is served by servers there.

Before I try to post any detailed information,
I'd like to ask: has anyone succeeded in doing this?
We're finding it to be very slow.

BTW we've looked at the source code for pam_unix2-1.2
and there seems to be a bug in how it calls 'crypt_r'.
(More precisely, how it calls the wrapper 'crypt_rn'.)
It does not zero 'struct crypt_data' variables
allocated off the stack. At least its 'initialized'
member must be cleared according to the info docs
('info libc crypt').

The files affected are: unix_auth.c and

I don't know whether the proper fix is to zero in
the wrapper or the code calling the wrapper,
but zeroing outside seems to work OK in our testing.

Thanks, regards,

Richard Dawe, Software Engineer, Riverstone Networks, UK
richard.dawe at,

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